Silver Spoon Chapter 18

Here’s your next helping of Silver Spoon and thanks to the raw provider over at Red Hawk, it extra early! Good news usually comes with some bad, though. Silver Spoon is taking another break next week, so you’ll have to wait a little while until the next chapter.

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3 Responses to Silver Spoon Chapter 18

  1. Caminante

    I think that Arakawa sensei’s work fits well to a bi-weekly schedule.
    Thanks a lot!

    • ObsidianTK

      If nothing else, it means that we have plenty of time to not fall behind on Gunota Girl :D .

      And although I can’t recall seeing a really popular manga take breaks as frequently as Silver Spoon, Arakawa-sensei is, of course, a special case. I’m sure that she has plenty of leeway to care for her new baby, just because of the ridiculous success of FMA. It’s probably a big deal for the magazine to simply be publishing someone so famous, so I imagine they’re pretty nice to her.