Gunota Girl: Character Cheat Sheet

This post is intended as a little cheat sheet to help you keep track of the characters in Gunota Girl. I’ll try to keep this up-to-date with newly introduced characters weekly.

Almost every character in the series is actually a reference to a character from one of the Gundam series, though many of them are gender-swapped. Here’s a handy cheat sheet for who’s who:

Major Characters:

  • Ganota herself is, of course, the mighty Char Aznable.
  • Makabe is M’Quve, as evinced by her love of ceramic vases and infatuation with Kishiri.
  • Uraga, Makabe’s right-hand lady, is M’Quve’s subordinate Uragan.
  • Kishiri Asahi is Kycilia Zabi, although his relationship with Dekwin/Degwin Zabi has been changed.
  • Furi Arisu, Makabe and Uraga’s drinking buddy and Kira-obsessed Gundam SEED fanatic, is Flay Allster, whom I will no doubt be flamed incessantly for loving. BRING IT ON.
  • Namba Nal, president of Blue Electronics, is Ramba Ral. The “blue” part is, obviously, for the color of Ramba Ral’s Gouf.
  • Carla Zabi is the ill-fated Garma Zabi. She’s even dating the mayor’s son, who’s meant to be Garma’s lover Icelina Eschonbach.
  • Dekwin Zabi, CEO of Zum, Inc., Kishiri’s uncle and Carla’s father, is of course Degwin Zabi, the ruler of Zeon during the One Year War.
  • Cicero, Kishiri’s brother, is the easily forgettable Cicero Zabi.
  • Totzle Zabi, the vice-president, is the imposing, scar-faced Dozle Zabi.
  • Mokren Zabi, the company president, is Gihren Zabi. Sieg Zeon!
  • Lala Asuo is, of course, Lalah Sune, in adorable (and vicious!) child form.
Minor/One-Time Characters: 
(These characters are the really minor ones, and are usually not gender-swapped.)

  • Towa, Kishiri’s subordinate who was struck by Ganota’s phone in chapter 1 and left in Hong Kong by Kishiri, is modeled after this fellow, Gihren Zabi’s chief of staff.
  • The old fellow who sells Ganota model kits in chapter 2 is supply ship captain Gadem.
  • The kids Makabe sees playing early in chapter 3 are Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell and Relena Peacecraft, from Gundam Wing (I think I can see a bit of Trowa Barton’s hair there, too). Auriga points out that on the previous page, Zechs Merquise, Chang Wufei and Quatre Raberba Winner are also visible alongside Trowa and Duo, and their team appears to be named the “Wings.”
  • Two of the engineers working on the Gun Navi are based on Clamp and Cozun Graham, although the other 3 are strangely nameless.
  • Ganota’s “Elite Guard” aren’t specifically modeled after any characters, but one of them refers to himself as Wong Lee, and actually does look quite a bit like him.
  • “Black.” This was only mentioned briefly in one line, and we can think of at least half a dozen characters this could refer to. The literal translation of the line is “The black (one)!”
  • The “undercover Miharu,” who wants to be called “Ichimaru Nana,” is Miharu Ratokie. Her codename is “107,” which, in the manga, was written as a name: Ichi-Maru (1-0) Nana (7).

5 Responses to Gunota Girl: Character Cheat Sheet

  1. Nice, this is much appreciated! :D

    I’d like to add that aside from Trowa’s hair, a second look at the panel (didn’t notice Duo, so there) reveals that the guy behind him was wearing Zech’s mask. And the team seems to be named “Wings.” XD

    It would also be nice to see a cheat sheet for the lines that are said in the manga (stuff like chapter 4′s “did he just use me as a stepping stone?!” really cracked me up!). It’s really amazing how they were able to pretty much take an entire fandom and make a really hilarious parody.

    • ObsidianTK

      Gyahahaha, thanks! I didn’t even see him back there! A cheat sheet for the actual jokes would be a bit more work, but I’ll think about seeing if I can put one together. And yeah, I love how much it mirrors not only the actual Gundam metaverse, but also the Gundam fandom, right down to the new Gundam vs. old Gundam fan war.

  2. I also appreciate this! Particularly for the less obvious ones.

    And I second that quotes cheat sheet idea, which makes me think that the red joke is explained, but not the gold one (such as her new phone being gold, or making gold cars). Though I might have missed the part where it was said.
    Makes me wonder how other main characters will appear.

    • ObsidianTK

      As I said in the previous comment, a cheat sheet for the actual jokes would be a bit more work, but I’ll think about seeing if I can put one together. In quick response to the joke about things being gold, this is a reference to the fact that in Zeta Gundam, after the original Gundam anime (in which all of Char’s mobile suits were red), he piloted the unbearably cool, gold plated MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki.

  3. Kocurek1944

    I also want to point that Ganota mother refers to her husband as Dai-Kun.To me it seems like a refrence to Zeon zum Daikun Char’s Azenable father.