Last Exile -Travelers from the Hourglass- Chapter 1

What’s this!? A Gunota Girl chapter AND a Last Exile chapter on the SAME DAY!?

No, your eyes are not fooling you despite the long hours they’ve probably been staring at that computer screen! We added a little more depth/detail to the indentations in our chairs this week to bring you a double release! We hope you enjoy the new chapter as much as we did!

Note: We will not be releasing chapter 2 next week unless a miracle happens. We have yet to get our hands on the raw, so if anybody knows a place we can get it, please let us know. Tentative plans are for a release two weeks from today.

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8 Responses to Last Exile -Travelers from the Hourglass- Chapter 1

  1. Thanks for your hard work!

  2. They have the raw for Last Exile on

  3. Calling Aru “Al” and Anatoure “Anatoray” causes severe brain-bleeding.
    Why won’t you use the glorious Anikraze-romanization? D:
    ( *cough)

    Anyway, keep up the good work (, even if the new story seems heavily forced).

    • ObsidianTK

      I missed Last Exile when it was first airing, so when I originally watched it, I was watching the official US release DVD subs. It actually didn’t even occur to me that there was a different set of romanizations fans prefer.

      Regardless, we’re going to be sticking to the official names for two reasons: first, we really like internal consistency, and it would look weird for us to change the names one chapter in. Second (and more important), in all honesty, I prefer to use official romanizations whenever I can. While I can certainly understand being on the flip side of that (I remember watching Gundam SEED as it aired, and being totally disgusted with some of the official names. I still wonder how “Asuran” became “Athrun…”), at the end of the day, it’s hard for me to convince myself to purposely not use the official names. Going forward, the official names are what all new fans are going to instantly recognize, how the characters are going to appear on websites like Anime News Network and Wikipedia, and unfortunately what old fans like you (and probably me, if I’d watched the fansubs :P ) are just going to have to live with. I see official romanizations a bit like the stingier rules of grammar — even if 99% of people use the term “ironycompletely wrong, I’ll always strive to use it only in absolutely correct situations; and even though I am personally quite fond of “alright,” it’s not a word, so I will always use “all right” instead.