Last Exile Update

Hey guys, I thought I should make a quick update about Last Exile -The Travelers from the Hourglass-. I had mentioned that our intention was to release chapter 3 two weeks after the last chapter, but we’re going to have to push that back until next week. We were unable to find any scans or anybody willing to help us get them, so I’ve had to resort to doing it myself. If all goes well, we will release next Friday.

If anybody knows somebody who scans manga and might be willing to help us out, please let us know. Leave us a comment, send us an email, whatever. We would really like to find a more stable source of raws before the next chapter comes out so we can get chapters out more quickly.


4 Responses to Last Exile Update

  1. The Kinokuniya in my neighborhood does not get Newtype Ace in, but they do however, let you order things to be shipped to their store. If you need a steady scanner, I would be willing to order NTAce each month for the Last Exile releases, since I love the work you guys are doing and would hate to see this project dropped (I legit went NOOO when I saw this update because I am dying for chapter 3)! I’m replying with my e-mail, so please feel free to contact me! Mainly because I need to know which volume to order next for chapter 4 if you have 3 covered already (I would assume NTAce’s volume 4 since they only just started publishing).

  2. Maybe you guys should contact the group which is doing “Tiger & Bunny” manga series from the same magazine? They released three chapters and seems like they have their own raw provider. Maybe they’ll be nice enough to scan Last Exile along with T&B?

    • MusouMitai

      Actually, I thought of that. I sent an email to the group leader last weekend, but haven’t heard back from them one way or the other. They actually never even accepted my registration to their forum, so I can’t even try and PM the other members :(
      So unless they are just really busy, I don’t expect to hear back from them at all. Oh well…