Silver Spoon Chapter 87

Anybody out there have an android phone!?!? Go to the Google Play Store and download “ポケット酪農” (らくのう)and you can raise livestock with Hachiken, Mikage, and Komaba! And it’s free!! Credit goes to HontouRakuda for stumbling onto that one! ^_^

Anyway, enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 87 [ MF || Read Online ]

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5 Responses to Silver Spoon Chapter 87

  1. Thanks for the release.

  2. Aw man, that app sounds cool but I don’t have a smart phone. Too broke for that. huhu~~ It’s cute, you can even make food from your livestock!

    Thank you so much for the chapter though! XD

  3. Hey thanks for the credit man!! ^_^

  4. Just one thing about the chapter. “Огромный” means “very big”, not “so beautiful”.
    I think it was the first time I laughed so much for silly jokes about Russia (:

    • musoumitai

      Sorry, I can’t read Russian so I was just going off what the author wrote in Japanese :P